Product :   Vtec

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VB series
You can be used on curved surfaces and to seperate thin items, as well as when level adjustment or lifting movement is required. The small below pads are suitable for handling thin object such as cling film. You can cope with greater difference in level.
VB-M series
This type is connect with on pipe directly, so as to install and price is very cheap. Application to pakaging machine, transfering to veneer board etc.
VBL series
The same application as for VB series, but cope with greater difference in levels and provide a longer lifting movement. Also, you can be use to transfer any fragile objects.
VU series
Suitable for use flat or gentle slope surface. It is general type of vacuum suction cup.
VF series
This type is add to funtion to stop sliding so as to have a strong adhesive power. Because it has a jaggy from of inside of suction cup. That is, the most merit of VF series pad is a strong power of horizonal trasfering.
VFC series
This type is designed to using a flat,curves surface at the same time. Also, suitable for transfering to a object in virtical & horizontal.
VS series
Suitable for handling uneven and rough surfaces, the moment that a some body is bending, it is very efficient, using to VS series along with ball joint.
KPS series
Suitable for opening vinyl bag or thinly tag.
LC & BJ series
*Level spring: Vtec level spring is used to compensate difference in level. Vtec LC series provides a certain level of shock absoption.
*ball joint: to avoid bend stresses the suction cup can be supplied with a Vtec BJ series.