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Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump is the Sliding Vane Type"Gaede type". It employs oil to lubricate the rotating parts and to allow sealing effect upon vacuum formation, this will obtain a high degree of stable vacuum and high reliability.

Environmentally safe

Air cooling, internal oil recirculation, integral oil mist separator for oil-free exhaust air, low vibration and low noise level can allow this pump to be used in any environment.

Easy service

Compact design with easy access allows rapid repair and simplemaintenance.

Reliability & Durability

High standard materials and computerised manufacturing process ensure high quality of the product. Standard Features: Direct driven by STD motor, Oil sight glass, Anti-Suck back valve, Vibration isolators, Exhaust pressure gage, Integral exhaust filter, Spin-on Oil filter and Wire mesh inlet screen

Fields of application

The"WOVP" is available for many applications :

the food packing industry, laboratories, packaging machines,de-aeration of plastic moulds, presses and many other uses.