Product :   Filters

Vacuum Filters

Application: Vacuum Pumps

Flow rates to 1100 CFM
Features traditional metal canisters and new lightweight plastic versions.
Housing is vacuum tight to 28" Hg
Filter elements provide 99.9% efficiency at 3 micro

Air/Oil Separators

Applications: Tank and In-line Coalescing Filters for Screw Compressors, Sliding-Vane Compressors, Scroll Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Separation efficiency of 1 to 3 ppm (parts-per-million)
Upright and upside down installation of spin-on separators
Depth separators can decrease tank sizes by half

Spin-On Filters

Applications: For Filtration of Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Fuels in Engines, Machines and Hydraulic Systems

Flow rates to 145 gpm
Operating pressures to 510 psi
Bypass and anti-return valves available

Air Filters

Applications: Single and Two-stage Air Filters for Engines, Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Construction Equipment, AG Machinery and other Industrial Applications

Flow rates to 2800 cfm
99.9% efficiency at 3 micons
Europiclon, Picolino and Picolight offer the latest in metal free, corrosion-proof, and environmentally-friendly air filtration technology