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VTM /X/H Normal type

Product Features
This type is using by the method of multi nozzle. This type pump series is low-weight design in composite material featuring high chemical resistance as medium-sized pump, large capacity deposite its compact size and low weight.This type could to be oerate as using a few compressed air, but they make to high vacuum & great flow. They could be replace to general motor pump,vane pump,rotary pump. If you are equip with check valve and inside AS-kit, you can be more saving the compressed air. This type is ensured to safety working,keeping to balance, when the line is operating.

*Model: VTM 25-75
1.Max vacuum level: -92kPa (-690mmHg)

2.Vacuum flow: 342-2736 l/m
*Model: VTX 25-75, VTH 50/150
1.Max vacuum level: -100.8kPa (-756mmHg)
2.Vacuum flow: 192-576 l/m

handling system,pick & place system, chemical industries, vacuum conveyor system, semiconductor, packaging system, test equipment for printed circuit boards. filling liquids by vacuum.



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