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VTM / M series (Multiple type)

Product Features
This pump is using by the multi-nozzle type.2~16 compact mini pumps intergrated into one unit, seperate vacuum channels but compressed air feel and exhaust.These pumps could be operated perfectly where a compact installation is desired, with a number of independant vacuum connection port, for handling of products of various size or number. Multiple Vtec vacuum pump is epoch-making system.

*Model:VTM stack 5-30 x 2~16stack
1.Max vacuum level:-85kPa(-637.5mmHg)
2.Vacuum flow:37-74 l/m/stack
*Model:VTM X stack 5-30 x 2~16stack
1.Max vacuum level:-95kPa(-712.5mmHg)
2.Vacuum flow:31-62 l/m/stack

semiconductor M/C,packaging M/C,Pick & place system, Robot system

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