Product :   Wonchang

The World Best Vacuum Pump

Oil Sealed Rotary | Dry Running Rotary | Dry Running Rotary Pressured | Manual



- Compact and light weight design with direct drive

- Silent operation: lower noise and less vibration.

- Special carbon blade with good resistance and
   self lubrication

- Prevention of contamination

- No need to feed oil or grease.

- Easy Maintenance and Repair.


Fields of application


The "WVS" is available for many applications :

Printing industry. book binding, packing,

forming automation, quasi-automation, absorption

feeding and many other uses.



WVS-3, 5, 6, 8, 9

Pumping speed : 280 l/min,300 l/min.(vacuum)

Max. vacuum : Above 650 mmHg G.

Normal vacuum : Below 450 mmHg G.



Standard Equipment

- Vacuum adjust valve

- Vacuum gauge

- In-let and exhaust filter


Optional Equipment

- Exhaust adjust valve

- Pressure gauge